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Medical Security Basket


Coated and Uncoated custom Medical Baskets

E Tube & Wire worked with a customer in the medical field to develop a basket that would meet their unique security needs. The customer has a proprietary disposal process for excess drugs used in a hospital room.

The challenge was to create a basket that could be mounted to many different surfaces, be lockable, and house the container for disposal. Our designers also worked with our customer to arrive at the coating solution that would be suitable for the medical environment in which the basket will reside.

Designers had to be mindful to keep costs low on a high volume project. This led to the design of several custom pieces of equipment to fold the basket quickly and efficiently. Then our basket makers, with over 30 years of industry experience, weld the bent wire components together that are produced on our state of the art 3D CNC Wafios and AIM benders.

The next hurdle was the assembly and careful packaging of the finished product. E Tube & Wire worked closely with the customer to develop a quality control and assembly program implemented in our Shrewsbury, PA facility to ensure that each basket is shipped with the highest quality standards and that all necessary hardware is included.

E Tube & Wire also installs the lock assembly and adheres the customer’s stickers to the basket.

All of this hard work by both parties has lead to a happy customer who will grow a long standing relationship with E Tube & Wire.

Custom equipment for efficiency.
Quality programs to ensure the highest quality product.
30+ years of experience to share with our customers.
These are the attributes that set E Tube & Wire apart from the competition.

Medical security basket


  • Medical, food, material handling, cleaning baskets

E Tube & Wire Equipment:

  • Custom fabricated bending equipment
  • 3D CNC Wafios and AIM benders (Capability from 0.06″ to 0.50″ wire diameters)
  • Various KVA resistance welders
  • Cut and straight machine (up to 5/16 diameter)