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Material Handling Equipment

Not only does Etube and Wire produce wire products, Etube and Wire also offers material handling components specializing in custom material handling equipment, mezzanines, pallet racks, filing systems, shelving, guardrail and protective equipment. We are uniquely qualified to help you with all of your material handling, storage and transportation needs. From consultation to production, our highly trained staff will work to ensure the best methods and procedures are used to help you efficiently utilize your space and keep your employees safe and productive.

Among our many areas of specialties in material handling are:

Custom Material Handling Equipment

Sometimes there are applications that are so unique it requires a custom piece of equipment or system to be developed. We have the manufacturers and the in-house fabrication capability to get this done for you.


We can help you determine the best mezzanine system for your application. You will benefit from an analysis of structural construction versus roll-formed construction and beam-to-beam construction versus bar joists. Our relationships with four mezzanine manufacturers ensure that the best product will be provided at the best possible price.

Pallet Racks

At Etube and Wire we give careful consideration to load size, capacity and the type of truck used in the operation when producing pallet racks and will work with you to determine which type of rack is best for your application.

Filing Systems

With building space at a premium due to the high costs of construction, it's essential to have proper storage of office records. Vertical carousels and mobile aisle shelving are just two of the ways Etube and Wire helps customers eliminate this problem. We can also provide design services when required.


Whether it is one-level, two-level, six-feet high or forty-feet high we can produce the configuration needed for your facility. We can also work to determine shelf size, bin size and locations.

Guardrail and Protective Equipment

Protecting your equipment, machinery, product and people is an important consideration in any facility. At Etube and Wire, we are a resource to review your needs and make specific recommendations on the best way to fulfill your protection requirements.